Black Power Takes Over Brazil As Natural Hair Movement Grows

Erykah Badu

It’s time to start a hair revolution.

Black Power is running rampant in Brazil, but not how you would think. Unlike the United States’s fist-driven social revolution started by Black Panther Stokely Carmichael, the movement taking place in Brazil consist of au natural hair.

Intrigued by their efforts for equality, Brazilians saw African Americans’ natural hair as a symbol of pride and identity to their culture. Today, Afro-Brazlians (mainly women) are quickly trading in their perms for a nicely picked ‘fro to mimic the ’60s movement.

“Many women [who wear] black power are adhering to the culture, others for political attitude, but there are also those who wear it simply because it is stylish and on point,” says Crespos e Cachos (“frizz and curls”) blogger Danielle Cipriane, one of many Facebookers and naturalistas that help promote their movement and give advice—similar to our own in the US.

Read more about Danielle and others in the spanish-speaking country at The Root.

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