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Easy Tips to Shiny Hair

Looking for easy tips to keep your hair looking shiny and healthy? You know, like the models you see in the magazines and the celebrities on TV. I’ll let you in on the super easy secret that hairstylists to the stars use to keep hair shiny, plus look thicker and stronger.

Simply color your hair with clear hair color. That’s right, clear. You can color your hair clear in place of your regular (blonde,red, etc) hair color. You or your hairstylist can also apply a clear gloss after your hair color, relaxer, or any other chemical service.

If your hair in on the fine side, apply the clear gloss 3 times in a row. This will make your hair look fuller and allow your hairstyles to last a bit longer.

This tip works wonders for both blondes and coarse/curly naturalistas. Both struggle to maintain shine. Many blondes and natural haired ladies also crave fuller hair.

Note: It’s important to make sure that you use a semi-permanent color like Jazzing or Adore if you have just relaxed or permed your hair. Semi-permanent color does not penetrate the hair shaft. Or wait 2 weeks and have your hairstylist try a demi-permanent like Wella Color Touch or Joico. Demi-permanet hair color penetrates the hair shaft and lasts longer.

For more shiny hair help, check out this video.