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Janae Raquel

Hype Hair: Tell me what has been your best hair day to date and what was the style?

Janae Raquel: My best hair day to date was my wash and go with Deva Curl‘s Heaven In Hair product. It’s a leave-in treatment. I used to just scrunch my hair and try to keep the curls. But as long as you rake the product through your hair evenly, it comes out amazing.

You probably had a really fast trial-and-error process compared to most people since you’re a self-proclaimed product junkie.

Janae Raquel: Right. That’s why I do product swaps. I have so much stuff that it’s taking up space that I can put cleaning supplies in instead of hair products. I don’t really use a lot of shampoos. The only shampoo I use is Mixed Chicks and Carol’s Daughter. So other shampoos and stuff, they’re going away. They have to go!

So is blogging you’re 9-to-5 or…?

Janae Raquel: Well I work at a law firm, but I blog the entire time I’m at work. Like, I multitask. I’m always sitting behind a computer so I try and take advantage of all the opportunities. But I have interns doing social media for me.

So why you started doing hair and beauty blogging?

Janae Raquel: Hair used to be a really big crutch for me, and I was identified by only my hair. So once I removed it and now that I go with a small ‘fro, I want everyone on a journey with me as I try and learn my hair all over again, as well as express what my hair used to mean to me and what it means to me now.

Everything is new for me. I used to not really care about any of this stuff, and now that it’s important and I’m learning and teaching myself, I would rather teach others as well so they don’t have to go through what I went through.

It’s fun when you’re exploring new things. What’s the dopest thing that you’ve learned about the natural hair community so far?

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