Meet The Blogger: Janae Raquel of I Am My Hair Blog

Janae Raquel Self-taught web developer and curly-haired Jersey girl, Janae Raquel created a mane campaign that helps naturals accept, love and manage their kinky and coiled tresses – I Am My Hair Blog.

Jumpstarting the online community after chopping off her huge tresses and restarting her own natural journey, the 25-year-old beauty’s goal is to bring hair together as a culture no matter the texture.

“I only share what I find to be the best,” she said of her fresh, fun content. “I don’t usually [show] things I don’t like. But If I do, it’s because I don’t want them to have to go through what I went through.”

And trust us, she’s put in the work.

The  shameless product junkie has tried just about every product marketed to curly girls and knows what’s best for her tendrils.

“Last summer is when I really learned [my hair]. I’d been wearing my hair natural in this big, humongous afro and I chopped it off in September last year. That’s when I really figured out what worked for me.”

Now apart our Hype Hair Blogger Network, Janae Raquel chatted with us about, well, all things hair. Get familiar with the rising blogstress, her summer hair goals and why she’s not just The Girl With The Hair anymore. –Niki McGloster (@missjournalism)


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A New York-based editor who's currently transitioning her hair to natural. Protective styles have now replaced all of her best friends...