Trimming Your Ends 101

woman with split ends hypehair Long hair does not mean healthy hair despite popular belief. We often skip much needed hair trims for fear of losing our length, but we forget that in order for our hair to appear and actually be healthy, we can’t have anything damaged or lifeless attached to it. Yes, once ends are split, due to dryness and/or ill treament, the hair is no good to us. Here are a few reasons you should consider a trim at your next appointment and a few reason to tell if you actually need one.


1. Your hair can’t hold its style. Dead hair is just that–lifeless. Curls quickly fall and your mane would appear body-less and limp.

2. You have dry brittle ends. When you run your fingers through the ends of your hair and small pieces of hair break off in your hand, you’ve probably gone too long without getting your ends clipped. This may mean your ends have split.

3. You have frizzy, uncontrollable ends. If no matter what you do, you just can’t get those ends contained, and the rest of your hair is fine, you’re probably carrying around some dead hair. This is not to be confused with naturally frizzy hair.

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