Casey J Talks Getting Sisterlocks And Embracing Her Inner Beauty

Casey J
Photo courtesy artist

Gospel songbird Casey J is known just as much for her bohemian, golden tresses as she is her soulful vocals. But the “If God” singer recently confessed that the signature look was created out of a sense of practicality. Her beautiful blonde hues cover another side of her.

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“I love something long; I love something that doesn’t look over-styled. So we wanted to do a textured hair. And I always liked the light, light bright around the face. I think it accentuates my face,” Casey told Hype Hair at the Ubiquitous Expo. “But my natural hair is actually Sisterlocked.”

Styling her natural hair on a daily basis was also hard on her fragile tresses, she said, so she recently had her hair loc’d into “Sisterlocks.” Sisterlocks are are tiny uniform locs created with a specialized tool and sectioned via a precise parting grid. This popular style can take countless hours to install but can be well worth it for those who want an effortless style.

Photo Credit: Instagram/@CaseyJMusic

“I started with braids, but it looked a little childish because I have a baby face,” she shared. Sisterlocks seemed to be the best option for her lifestyle and to protect her own natural tresses.

“I’d like to say that I have a head full of baby edges. I have really soft hair,” she quipped. “I was trying to figure out what style I could rock where I can still wear my natural hair — and could put in nice versatile styles — but not be wet styling it every day.”

While she’s still in the early locking phases, Casey said she’s glad she made the decision given how busy her touring lifestyle is. The gospel artist recently released her latest project, The Gathering, an album full of prayers-turned-songs that encourage listeners to set aside their busyness to make time for worship. Jetsetting from city to city on tour has created a busyness all of its own. Throwing in the management and daily styling of natural hair was not what the singer wanted to do. Wearing a wig (that she playfully calls her “friend”) gives her hair ample room to rest and grow, and allows her to focus on what’s most important—her worship music.

And with one less thing to worry about, she says she can celebrate the beauty of her on-stage persona as Casey J and Casey in everyday life. “After all, beauty isn’t about your physical appearance,” she said.

“I think beauty is knowing your value and knowing your worth,” Casey said while recalling a time when she learned the importance of inner beauty. “I remember being around women as a young person, and seeing them so dressed up and so wonderful. And my mom would call them ugly. My mom basically used the word ‘ugly’ for women who didn’t know their value or women that were mean spirited.

“I think the same is true now,” Casey continued. “You can be as beautiful as you want with your presentation. But if your spirit isn’t beautiful, then it’s ugly,” she continued. “So for me, I just try to maintain a beautiful spirit. And I realized that that has allowed me to express myself in the outward expression. And some people think it’s beautiful.”