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Scarves, Bonnets & Wraps, Oh My!

Nighttime Wrap Regimen Most of you curlies have been wearing scarves and wraps since your relaxed days- I know I have! That’s because we know that if we slept without our satin protection on a cotton pillowcase- we’d wake up to a furry pillowcase! Ha! Sleeping without a moisture retention (satin/silk) barrier between you and your moisture sucking/friction inducing pillow can result in overnight dryness and breakage- and we don’t spend all that time on our Twistouts to lose them overnight!

I’ve been a long time scarf wearer and well- it’s the end of an era. No- I’m not giving up on hair protection! (Never that) My beloved hair scarf, I’ve had her since 1999, is no longer Zola the Fro’la’s favorite sleep gear…

I loved her, and she’s been so good to me- but honestly- we have just grown apart- with Zola getting bigger, and my hands getting lazier (who wants to tie a scarf after a busy day?!) HAHA!

Even though I don’t use my scarf as my night time hair protection- I do NOT sleep (weave, braids, or Zola)- without some cap on my head. Enter- Bonnie the Bonnet…

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