The Dangers of Counterfeit Cosmetics

counterfeit MAC lipstick hypehairBeing a product junkie with a soft spot for a great deal, I was really disturbed by a recent episode of 20/20, “To Catch A Fake.” A segment of the nightly news show was dedicated to exposing counterfeit makeup that’s swarming the market for purchase. When I first heard the episodes title, I thought it was over dramatized for ratings, but no. Fake makeup exist and its dangers are very real.

Sellers target victims, who are unsuspecting bargain hunters thinking they’ve found a rare deal on their favorite luxury cosmetics, especially MAC and Benefit. But the difference in these counterfeit cosmetics is not just in shade, graphics or longevity. The toxic ingredients used to make these fakes can cause longterm damage to our skin and health.

In fact, 20/20 reported that the fake cosmetics contained 260 micrograms of lead per gram–almost 1,000 times more than the authentic version of the product, which only contained 0.27 micrograms per gram.  If you get a reaction on your skin,” Dermatologist Dr. Gloria Graf warns. “That is severe enough.”

So how do your spot a fake?

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