Let Blue Ivy’s Natural Hair Live

Hype Hair Blue Ivy

As I run my hair through my not completely dry but could be more moisturized hair, I’m baffled by the concern over Blue Ivy‘s baby coif? As I’m constantly trying to learn more about my hair and the right regimen for my own healthy growth, I can’t help but be perturbed by the amount of critics with negative banter over a toddler’s mane. Yes, her hair is “untamed” to society standards but is it damaged? She’s a 2-year old, folks. There’s no need to pull and tighten her hair so it’s picture-perfect at every waking moment.

It’s unfortunate that parents become selfish when it comes to their child’s hair. They usually want their daughter to always look fly so they put heaps of chemicals and years of heat damage on their child’s tresses. Some moms aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of healthy hair so they’d rather damage it in the long run for temporary satisfaction. I’d rather a child rock her natural hair as her mother and/or caretakers learn her growth pattern and textures, instead of a child suffering burns from pressed hair and thinning edges

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