How Should Beyonce Style Blue Ivy’s Hair?

Blue Ivy Beyonce and her family were hanging out in NYC yesterday (June 8) and just like every time Blue Ivy is spotted, fans and critics shared their opinions of the tiny Carter’s unkempt hair. Now, at 2 years old, B.I.C.’s hair is natural and growing quickly. Of course, there are times when the adorable Carter daughter has a age-appropriate hairdo, but for the most part, her hair seems to be unstyled.

But since opinions will never cease, we want to give a¬†positive¬†platform for readers to share their thoughts and here’s how. Answer this:

Beauties, what kiddie products and styles would you suggest for little Blue Ivy’s hair?

Sure, Beyonce probably won’t see this post but positive recommendations beat bashing a little kid any day. Share your thoughts!