Try This Ultimate Glamour Style For The Summer!

Ultimate GlamourExtensions, weaves, and clip-in styles are getting more and more extravagant. The latest trends are cascading looks that feature lots of volume, big curls and unique colors. Our model is working two fierce styles that showcase the ultimate in high glam!

With this look, the natural hair is sectioned off and layered at the crown, with well-placed highlights. Our stylist shapes the hair with a razor and quality shears to create the layers, and applies streaks of copper tones throughout. This sets the tone for this glamorous style.

The rest of the hair is then lengthened utilizing the sew-in weaving technique. We suggest using bundles of 28″ Studiotress Virgin Remy hair, seen here on our model, to recreate the look. Create cornrows in a semi-moon shape across the nape and throughout the mid-portion of the hair. Secure braids with a weaving net and then attach the wefts directly onto the braided foundation.

Create an off center part at the crown and then blend the natural hair with the extensions. Create long lasting coils throughout the hair using a curling wand. Loosen the curls with the fingers to complete the style.

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