Beyonce Wets Her Hair for T Magazine Cover


“What does Beyonce mean? What doesn’t she mean?” Jody Rosen of T Magazine searches to find her personal answer of the NY Times Style Magazine current cover star. Not that she’s unaware of her power moves and household name but more she’s intrigued on the blueprint she created to amass mega stardom.

Transcending back to her signature blonde to dark brown tresses, the reigning music queen shows the simplicity of spring in her playful new spread. The Juergen Teller-shot spread features three effortless looks of Mrs. Carter: a colorful necklace over a black top and huge smile stands as her cover, a $7,500 Miu Miu dress paired with Chanel sneakers in one pic, and a white Vince t-shirt with skin tight black leather Louis Vuitton pants in another.

The article accompanying her glossy shoot is appropriately titled “The Woman on Top of the World,” as Rosen writes on her effective efforts to be unforgettable. “She is a kind of national figurehead, an Entertainer in Chief; she is Americana. Someday, surely, her ‘Single Ladies’ leotard will take its place alongside Mickey Mouse and the Model T Ford and Louis Armstrong’s trumpet in a Smithsonian display case.” 

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