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Swimming With Natural Hair: 5 Steps to Beach-Proof Curls

Swimming With Natural Hair I had a few questions about what the heck to do when on vacation and you wanna get in the pool or ocean. Avoiding damage to your Natural Curls (or fancypants expensive weave)- is SUPER easy! I’m in Negril, Jamaica this week (I will say this as many times as I can! Hahaha!) with my very beautiful- recent university graduate- curly sister- The Mini.

And I’m wearing my super awesome (SECOND!) installation of Indique Hair and my natural hair/weave protection swim method are great for both!

The key with this method- is to avoid the absorption of high saline (salty ocean) or chlorinated (chemical pool) water by your dry natural hair. If the water can’t get in- you can’t get damage! 😉

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