Get The Look: Simply Fabulous and Full Hair

Fabulous and Full Hair All About The Style: It’s about the color, length, fullness, bounce and body.

Why You Should Work It: To be fearlessly fine.

Get The Look: Start with your own clean, conditioned hair. If your own hair needs to be lengthened and filled out, purchase a quality Remy hair in a copper tone shade. Make sure to get at least 16-inch length hair, and probably a pack and a half to two packs for the fullness.

Make sure your own hair that will be used for blending matches the weave hair. This may require having that portion of your own hair dyed to match or, if you don’t want to commit to this color, use a temporary color spray; even a hair mascara in a light brown or copper tone will blend your natural hair with the weave.

Cornrow and sew the weaving hair onto the braids and cut the hair in long layers . Create a part in the crown and brush your own hair over the tracks to cover. Use a round brush and blow-dryer to curl the hair. Or you may use a large curling iron instead. Style and go!

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