First Trip Alone With Bae? Don’t Make Your Hair A Problem

vacation-hair-hypehairPlanning for vacation is stressful. It’s one thing to be going away with your girls but it’s a whole other can of worms to be embarking on a trip with your significant other for the first time.

As the weeks close in for my weekend getaway with bae, the stress of what to pack for those three days is not nearly as worrisome as to what to do with the strands on my head. Rocking my newly cropped ‘do is a lot more maintenance: my mesh wrap to hold the curls down while I get my beauty sleep and a flat iron in the morning to spring them back to life. I’ve never worn a wig or had a weave, a low-maintenance style seems out of the question. So instead of looking for another style to put my hair in for three days, I’ve focused my energy on learning how to better care for my hair leading up to our mini vacation.

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Alley Olivier is a New York-based writer (and recent grad!) whose hair is now a mocha mahogany ‘fro.