HypeChat: These 9-Year-Old Twins Are Taking The Modeling Industry By Storm

Schembri Twins
Photo Credit: Derek Blanks

If you ever thought that you couldn’t bring your dreams to life as a pre-teen, twin sisters Beverly-Claire and Madeleine Schembri show that it’s very much possible. At the tender age of 9, Schembri twins are making waves in the entertainment industry as models, shooting with famed photographer Derek Blanks, gracing magazine covers, and more.

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While these young girls seemingly have the world at their fingertips, they are also focused on using their celebrity to give back to the community. After being bullied for their physical features, the twin girls turned lemons into lemonade by building the non-profit, Our Giving Group. Created to help homeless and temporarily displaced children, the duo is determined to provide these kids with everyday resources.

We recently chatted it up with the young bosses-in-the-making about expanding their careers, their non-profit organization, some of their favorite haircare brands and much more.

Schembri Twins
Photo Credit: Belle Rouge Photography

HH: Congratulations on all of your success? How does it feel to be making your dreams come true so young?
SCHEMBRI TWINS: It feels good. It’s cool to talk to kids about positive things, and it’s fun to be on set and go to events. But we still have homework and chores and stuff, so nothing is really much different! 

HH: We see that you ladies have founded the non-profit organization Our Giving Group. Tell us a bit about the organization.
SCHEMBRI TWINS: Well, we are just getting started, but we are really, really excited about it. We started OGG to help homeless kids with school supplies, clothes and also we are working on raising funds to be able to do fun field trips! We got the idea from when we visited Chicago last year. We saw some homeless people when we were walking around sightseeing. It really bothered us, and we wanted to do something, so our mom helped us think about what we could do, and that’s how we came up with Our Giving Group.

HH: Do you ladies have plans on expanding the non-profit to other cities?
SCHEMBRI TWINS: We don’t know yet, but as we hope we grow that we can make the group grow, too!

HH: You ladies are quite the fashionistas! What are some of your favorite brands? 
MADELEINE: Well, I like VANS, Skechers and Chucks and anyone who makes a hoodie! (laughs) I know that’s not very model-y of me! Oh, and we wear a lot of Ralph Lauren.

Schembri Twins
Hair by Shanna Anise // Photo Credit: CreativeSoul Photography

BEVERLY-CLAIRE: Well, I don’t really have any super favorite brands, oh wait! I love these blowfish ankle boots I got! But, mostly I love anything shimmery and girlie!

HH: What are some brands you ladies hope to work with in the future? 
SCHEMBRI TWINS: Well, our mom is really interested in like Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie, Old Navy, and we also talked about working with a designer who might be trying to get discovered and we could blow up together!

HH: We see that you both have gorgeous hair. What products are you currently using to keep your tresses in great condition? 
SCHEMBRI TWINS: Wow!! Well, we use a few different things! We use a lot of Design Essentials, Curlanista, SheaMoisture, SPROUT baby shampoo and grape seed oil! 

HH: Where do you ladies see your career’s going in the next 3-5 years? 
SCHEMBRI TWINS: Well, we hope to be established models and working actors! We would love to be on our way to a major movie role, or a starting role on a TV series would be awesome! And we want our organization, Our Giving Group, to really help tons of kids!

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