5 Things to Add to Your Summer Hair Bucket List

summerhair-hypehairSummer is on the horizon and you may have listed some things you want to do: skip town on a road trip, roast marshmallows on a campfire, feel the sand between your toes, channel Italy and taste the finest gelato – but what are you going to do to your hair?

The warm season is prime time to experiment with new experiences and styles. With the heat craning on our necks, being adventurous with lengths is enough of an excuse to get over any fears. If scissors make you squeamish, however, a short wig or weave will suffice.

Here are 5 hair-inspired summer tasks to add to your season’s bucket list.

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About The Author


Alley Olivier is a New York-based writer (and recent grad!) whose hair is now a mocha mahogany ‘fro.