Quick Review: Revive Your Virgin Hair Extensions With Avanti Silicon Mix

image001I wash and care for my Virgin Brazilian hair extensions just as I would my natural hair, but I notice my weave quality diminishing more and more. After a little research, I stumbled upon Avanti Silicon Mix, a product often used in Dominican hair salons, and washed my hair extensions as I normally would to remove product build-up that weighs and dulls the appearance of hair.

The results? SCORE! My hair extensions were extremely softer, smoother, less brittle and had more life than when I would use other shampoos and conditioners. The mix really allowed my hair extensions to live on just a little while longer, and considering I wasn’t quite ready to say my goodbyes, I was extremely happy with the end results.

While I wouldn’t necessarily recommend Avanti Silicone Mix for daily use on natural hair, as it contains many ingredients I’ve often been told to stay away from–mineral oil, silicone, and alcohol–it definitely worked wonders on reviving my virgin hair extensions. So the next time you’re fed up with the condition of your virgin unprocessed hair and ready to call it quits, try Avanti Silicone Mix for a quick hair revival.

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