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Daye La Soul
Photo courtesy Daye La Soul

Daye La Soul

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Whether they are a micro-influencer who has a fresh approach to caring for natural hair, or a sage vlogger who we’ve watched grow up online, beauty bloggers give us a new perspective on our beauty routine. While social media is full of those looking to be Insta-famous, there are a select few who rise above the pack. Get to know our latest pick for must-follow hair and beauty slay.

HYPE HAIR: When and how did you get started in blogging/vlogging? 
DAYE LA SOUL: I started my vlogging/blogging journey in 2015.! It just fell into my lap after I posted a photo of a flexi rod set done by my best friend/ stylist and it went viral. That week, thousands of people were flocking to my page with dozens of messages in my inbox, asking me about my hair and routine. To be honest, at first, I was not into it. Even to this day, I am not a big YouTube person, but after some pressure and motivation, and seeing how much my posts actually helped people feel confident inside and out, I’ve developed a love and passion for it! 

HH: What were you doing before this? 
DAYE: I actually still have my full-time job and balance it with blogging. I went to school for sociology, with a concentration in criminology and a minor in anthropology, and I work in the field. It’s definitely a struggle to manage both my professional career and my blogging career, but both have taught me real-life lessons in learning to manage my time, priorities and saving me time without getting burned out. 

HH: How would you describe your signature style? 
DAYE: I definitely would have to go with the rod sets! That’s what got the attention of my fellow naturalistas on social media. Even with the changes in my texture, I just love how the curls look, along with a wide variety of curl sizes and patterns I can create—from some big, fluffy, barreled curls to tight corkscrew coils. 

Daye La Soul
Photo courtesy Daye La Soul

HH: Has being a social media influencer been everything you’d hoped it would be? 
DAYE: Ha! Absolutely not! For starters, being an influencer was not something I was looking to get into, so I really didn’t have any expectations. But once I was in it, I quickly learned that there are always constant changes in social media, as far as the actual platforms and features themselves, as well as the trends. And, to be honest, you really never know what or who is next or what you may do that takes off like wildfire! It definitely keeps me on my toes. 

HH: What do you think sets you apart from other aspiring influencers? 
DAYE: I think it would have to be how I relate to people. I don’t want to sell a dream of this glamorous, photo-ready lifestyle or an illusion of perfection, because the typical person is not living that way—including myself. I try to keep the vibe on my page fun, relatable and, most of all, engaging! To me, that is huge. I want people to come to my page and leave with something worthwhile, and a positive feeling. I feel like the most important thing about being an influencer and growing my platforms is engaging and connecting with my supporters. 

I’m actually ready to take that to the next level and put myself out there even more. I’ve been doing more appearances over the last couple of years, and I plan to incorporate more chit chat, social commentary and personable content on my platforms outside of hair and beauty. Because I think it’s just as important to use my platforms to discuss issues that my supporters go through and to create a sense of connectedness so people know behind all the nice tutorials and demos, all of us are impacted by different issues and we are in this together. 

HH: What’s a typical day as a blogger? 
DAYE: I think my typical day is just like everyone else. I wake up, go to work, cook, workout, come home, watch a little bit of TV, stalk my favorite social media accounts and try to work in doing my hair, filming and editing inbetween or on my days off. Most influencers I know live a regular lifestyle [that] we had before the followers— besides the exposure and the chance of running into a supporter out in public. Now, of course, there are those mega-stars with millions of followers. I think once you get to that point, the lifestyle changes completely. For now, I feel like nothing’s changed. I’m just busier and have more opportunities. 

HH: How does it feel to have hundreds of thousands of followers relying on you for honest product reviews and tutorials? 
DAYE: It’s really an honor to be a trusted source of information. Of all the people in the world, and thousands and thousands of influencers, it’s a dope feeling to have my own crew of thousands of people who chose me on a consistent basis. It’s a big responsibility and it’s encouraging. It has grown me in ways I never would’ve thought possible. 

Before I started this, I wouldn’t say I was an introvert, but I was definitely one of those people who stayed in their comfort zone. Being an influencer has changed all of that, I’m constantly going to new places, often by myself, and trying new things on a hope and whim that it’ll translate how I want. Also, the great feedback from my supporters and the positive personal growth is so gratifying. 

Daye La Soul
Photo courtesy Daye La Soul

HH: What has been the hardest part of being so well-known? 
DAYE: The hardest part for me is the balancing act I mentioned earlier. It’s difficult managing my full-time job, blogging, which is a full-time job a lot of times, and making sure I keep my peace. I struggle with this and often times I get burned out and lose motivation, and it’s hard to get back on track when I fall out of the routine. I haven’t quite figured out the best way to handle it because when I do take these breaks, my engagement suffers. I feel guilty for not posting, especially when people are asking me, “What’s next, Daye?!” and meet me with so much enthusiasm and encouragement. But I just come back when I’m ready and do my thing. 

HH: What are two of your favorite hair maintenance and styling products? 
DAYE: Oooh. That’s a hard one for me because I believe in focusing more on the routine versus the products, so I’m going to tweak my answer and say that the two most important things in maintaining my hair routine is keeping my hair clean and balancing moisture-protein. A few years back, we all got swept up into that co-washing phase where a lot of us basically did away with shampoo, and long-term that caused me to have a lot of buildup on my hair and scalp, which caused dryness, stiffness and limp hair. 

These days I’m using more moisturizing shampoos versus co-washing, and I am clarifying every 4–8 weeks based on how my hair feels. And then, with my hair being colored over and over for so long, I absolutely have to make sure my hair is getting the protein and moisture it needs without overloading on either. 

HH: What are your professional goals for 2019? 
DAYE: I would love to make the transition to full-time blogging, but it’s one of those things where I have to put my work ethic where my mouth is! I know the potential is there, but the hustle on my part isn’t quite where I need it to be. So this year, my focus is to build up that grind and motivation and who knows what 2020 will have in store for me.