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Tracee Ellis Ross-Inspired Big Natural Hair

Tiffany Nichols Hey Everyone….as fly and fabulous as we are, there are still people around us who we draw inspiration from. Whether it’s a celebrity or someone within our own families, someone or something tends to influence our sense of style.

Well….a few weeks ago I teamed up with Entwine Couture as apart of their How-To ICON SERIES. This series brought different vloggers together showcasing different hairstyles that were created with the use of Entwine Couture Products and that were inspired by our own style icons.

My Style Icon is Tracee Ellis-Ross. I was a huge fan of hers since “Girlfriends”. I sure was heartbroken when that show ended. Okay….let me get back to the subject at hand. I absolutely love Tracee’s since of style when it comes to fashion and I absolutely love her big, full, and voluminous natural hair.

I wanted to find an easy way to recreate her signature big hair, so I decided to do (2) French braids that I slept in overnight and then took them down the next day.

Check out the full tutorial below to find out what Entwine Couture products I used and to see my results.

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