Style On The Air: Radio Personality DeDe McGuire Talks Beauty Basics

Dede McGuireRadio personality DeDe McGuire is a true renaissance woman! The host of Dallas’ K104 FM “DeDe in The Morning” and co-host of nationally syndicated “The Doug Banks Show” uses her unique voice to inspire others. Hype Hair chatted with McGuire to find out her beauty faves and how she maintains her healthy mane.

Hype Hair: Do you switch up your hairstyle a lot or do you have a style that you like the best?
Dede McGuire: I don’t really switch up my hairstyle much. I have a go to style and a certain way that I like to rock my hair. The style that works best for me is a partial sew-in weave that I get done every two months. My preference is to use 14” Indigo Virgin Remy hair; I find it blends in well with my sandy brown natural hair. I also like the way that it feels, looks, moves, curls, and styles. My go-to style is a flat-ironed look, parted down the middle, with big barrel, soft curls that give me body.

HH: Do you have a go-to style that works when you’re in a rush?
DM: When I am in a rush, which is five days a week, because I have to get up at 4 a.m. to be at the radio station by 5 a.m., and on the radio by 5:30 a.m., I find rocking a hat, or ponytail with a hat, or even a bun is the look to go with when I am in a rush.

HH: Your hair looks very healthy and beautiful. What is your daily hair care regimen?
DM: I wrap my hair at night with a silk scarf, not a cotton scarf, because a cotton scarf sucks the moisture out of your hair. I also use a Moroccan Argon oil to keep my hair looking healthy and control the frizz. I don’t shampoo my hair every day; as a black woman, I shampoo my hair once a week, and I also use cool water when rinsing out my conditioner. Cool water closes the pores on the hair follicles to help lock in the moisture.

I also recommend using clarifying shampoo maybe once every three weeks or so to remove build up, and a deep conditioner once a month. Also, another thing that keeps my mane looking healthy is keeping my ends trimmed, which I have done about once every two to three months.

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