There’s Nothing Unsexier Than Weave-Dependency

weave dependencyIf there’s one thing that I, and many other Black men, have emphatically learned about Black women in the past 10 years, it’s how incredibly important a Black woman’s relationship with her hair is. We’ve always been aware of how seriously Black women took their hair, but the recent explosion of the natural hair movement has allowed us access into how deep these waters psychologically and spiritually run. We’ve gone from “knowing” to keep water the hell away from a Black woman’s head, to realizing how truly frightening and empowering a “big chop” can be for a woman. With that said, there’s still one important disconnect that exists between Black men and Black women when it comes to hair: Weave-dependency.

Weave-dependency is when a woman refuses to allow anyone, except her hairstylist, to see her hair in its natural state. Weave-dependency occurs when a woman goes out of her way to always have hair extensions for work, school, sitting on the couch with her man, and even going to the bathroom. Yes, going to the damn bathroom.

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