9 Performers Injured in Hair-Hanging Circus Stunt


Imagine dangling 40 feet in the air by your hair alone. Now imagine falling with no warning, no net below and no inclination that a routine you’ve done countless times would ever fail. That’s what happened Sunday (May 4) to a group of Hairlalists performing in a Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Legends show in Providence, Rhode Island.

Ninety minutes into the show, a broken platform collapsed mid-stunt, causing eight acrobats to plummet to the ground. Nine people were seriously injured, including a star dancer below.

According the The Guardian, Roman Garcia, General Manager of the Legends show, assured that everyone injured was doing pretty well, but asked people to pray for the performers. Onlookers first believed that the collapse was part of the show. Sydney Bragg, a 14-year-old audience member was one of them. She soon learned that that’s was not the case.

Bragg told The Guardian, “Everyone was freaking out. We heard this huge clatter and then we just heard the girls screaming.”

She explained that the spotlight was on the girls at the time of the fall but quickly went out. The Hairalists perform several stunts such as hanging from hoops, spinning, and rolling down wrapped silks while being suspended 30 feet in the air by their hair. We hope for a safe recovery.

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