Gabrielle Union Goes Back to Black For Vegas Magazine Cover

Hype Hair Gab UnionIn preparation Think Like A Man Too, our current cover girl Gabrielle Union lands the cover of Vegas Magazine.

The movie (filmed in Sin City) meets back up with the friends, including Gab’s character Kristen, as they embark on a bachelor vs. bachelorette showdown before the big day of one of the couples.

Sticking to her effortlessly simple style, the engaged actress transformed back to black hair as she talks about her former bad girl image—which was revealed during the Essence Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon—and Being Mary Jane. 

I think what makes her so relatable is that women—at least ones I meet—never feel they can get it right…”My dad told me, ‘You gotta be bigger and badder and better than the next woman, just to be considered even.'”

Rocking various dresses to accent her dark tresses, Gabby couldn’t wait to dish on her pending marriage and family which is similar to her upcoming fictitious movie character.

“I went from no kids to D getting full custody, and the next day we had a full house. So it was instant. Our lives never skipped a beat. When you’re someone who goes from never having thought about birthing her own babies to a ready-made family that has immediate needs and wants and desires, your life takes a back burner. If I were lucky enough to have one come out of my body, then great, I’d be totally open to that. But D’s kids are more than just part of the wedding. They are part of my life. They’re a package deal.”

Check out more images from her spread.

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