How to Get ‘Single Ladies’ Star Cassandra Freeman’s Fierce Look!

Cassandra FreemanActress Cassandra Freeman represents the epitome of beauty, style and class: she’s a prime example of amazing Hollywood Style. With her statuesque, 5’8” frame and exquisite face, she makes the perfect leading lady. She’s starred alongside some of the best in the business, including Oscar-winner Denzel Washington and funnyman Chris Rock, and, more recently, on the VH1 hit “Single Ladies” with the stunning LisaRaye.

We caught up with Cassandra to get the scoop on all of her skin, hair and beauty favorites!

What was your experience like working on the set of Single Ladies?
I had a great experience. It really made me fall in love with working on TV. It is the closest experience for me to working in theater, where you get to see and bond with the same crew of people day in and day out. All around, from the directors, producers, actors, even the drivers, it was an atmosphere that was very cool.

Do you have any other new projects coming up that we should be on the lookout for?
Yes, I have two cool independent films coming out. The suspense thriller, How We Got Away With It, directed by Jon Lindstrom, and a relationship drama, Somewhere in the Middle, by writer/director Lanre Olabisi. That film is a very different character for me and I’m excited for people to see it.

I also have a fun comedy web series out called “12 Months of June”, where I play a woman named “June” who is looking for love and daring to become a self help person even though her own life is crazy. If you thought my character “Morgan” was funny, get ready because this character is off the charts with comedy.

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