Jada Pinkett Smith Campaigns For Carol’s Daughter By Revealing Natural Hair

Jada pinkett

Jada Pinkett isn’t letting Carol’s Daughter fall further into their financial slums.

Known for her uplifting Facebook posts, the investor of the hair and beauty line addressed the company’s bankruptcy issues via her network.

In a natural hair fashion she explained her hair journey using CD products:

I know you all often see my hair in various ways, but what you see in these pics is MY natural hair. I’ve taken care of this mane with CAROL’S DAUGHTER products for over 15 years, specifically…Lisa’s Hair Elixir,” she said before assuaging our worries of any further closings occurring. “With that said, Carol’s Daughter is still going strong, despite some misleading press, so much so you can now find it in Target, on HSN, Ulta and Sephora inside JCPenny.”

Ending her quite lengthy but informative post with a thank you to the founder, Lisa Price. “My hair would like to say thank you to Lisa Price of Carol’s Daughter for making products that actually nourish the scalp and hair;)”