Let’s Talk Closures Real Quick: Lace vs. Silk Base

lace_closureWhen it comes to wearing weaves and hair extensions, the goal should always be to obtain a natural-like appearance. No one deliberately wants their weave to be easily detected, which is why many installations require leaving hair out in the front to cover tracks. But with this weaving method comes the hassle of blending your own hair texture with the hair texture of the extensions—talk about annoying.

Many times in order to be successful at the blending process, constant heat is being applied and the risk of heat damage is high. But thanks to closures–a small hair unit used to cover the front of the hair where you would normally leave hair out to give your install a natural hairline appearance–wearing a believable weave without causing any damage to your hair doesn’t have to be unbelievable. (Or should I say unbeweavable?)

Closures come in two different bases–lace and silk–and can be glued, taped, or sewn down. Although they are both applied the same and used to achieve the same overall result, they are quite different. Not sure which closure would work best for you? Here are a few pros and cons to help guide you in your lace or silk-based closure journey.

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