We’re Obsessed With This Tribal Hair Shoot

Multi x Ancestral Strands
Hair by Ancestral Strands // Photo Credit: Elizabeth Wirija

Instagram can be a treasure of trove of hair and beauty finds — and we definitely stopped in our tracks when this hair magic ended up in our feed. The look: tribal hair slay on model LZ created by Ancestral Strands founder Tamara Albertini.

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We don’t often see men celebrated as much when it comes to hair artistry, so we are here for all of it. And, we love the homage to the African tradition of honoring hair as a sacred part of tribal cultures.

“It signifies many things such as the tribe you belong to, status in the tribe, royalty ranking, and can be traditionally ceremonial,” she wrote on Instagram.

Multi x Ancestral Strands
Hair by Ancestral Strands // Photo Credit: Elizabeth Wirija

“In this shoot, I added my creative touch with a base and combination of these African tribal influences,” she added. “(The puffs) are reminiscent of a style worn by the Sakalava women in Madagascar + (Afro) A hairstyle called Gunfura worn by the men in the Karrayyu tribe in Ethiopia + (Adornment) the decorative, colorful, and elaborate style of hair worn by males in the Wadaabe Tribe in Ethiopia.”

Tamara also broke down the thought process behind the accessories she used to create the look: “It’s always a collaborative effort,” she wrote on Instagram. “I go with people’s energy…I feel…then I execute.”

Multi x Ancestral Strands
Hair by Ancestral Strands // Photo Credit: Elizabeth Wirija

“Those rings in his hair are gold loop earrings I bought from the store to create shapes and dimension,” she wrote. “That gold spiral on top of the puff bang, yea that’s a Flexi wire that comes wrapped around synthetic hair when you buy it. I just decided to use it to give more dimension…That silver stick in his puff bang is an original hair parter from Eritrea that was gifted to me by one of my Eritrean clients.

“That orange scrunchie wrapped around that braid that hangs on his forehead came from the synthetic hair package I had…it holds the bottom of the hair together in the package…hairstylists ya’ll know what I’m talking about lol. Those 2 beads and that ring (finger ring) that hangs from the forehead braid belongs to the model, who just put it in my hand out of nowhere, while I was doing his hair!”

This look is part of a larger shoot lensed by photographer Elizabeth Wirija celebrating the diversity of hair. Head on over to Infringe Magazine to see more images from the portfolio.

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