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The Dangers of Cotton Pillowcases

Cotton PillowcaseAs a girly girl, there is a rite of passage to having beautiful bedding. The higher the thread count, the better. The more colorful, even more better. I even love changing my bed sheets and comforter as I feel and as the seasons change.

Enter the 13th month.

This was years ago but I always stress the dangers to other fellow naturals. When I was 13 months into my natural hair journey, I experienced devastation. I was in the middle of washing my hair. I had it parted into four sections, which were smaller afro puffs. My hair was saturated with conditioner and I was ready for a rinse. At the time, my go-to style was the puff. I had the perfect length for it. I thought I had found my staple style. At night, I would wear my hair in a satin bonnet and I would go to sleep on my beautiful pillowcase.

Before I rinsed my hair, I made a split second decision to let the conditioner sit on it for a few hours. I had errands to run so, I figured that my hair could use the extra pampering. As I was out and about, I decided to touch the back of my hair, near the nape of my neck. Shock and horror filled me as I felt, what I thought, was a balding spot.

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