If You Don’t Own A Single SheaMoisture Body Product, There’s A Chance You’re Messing Up

Shea Moisture Superfruit ComplexFirstly, I’m marveled at the amount of SKUs in the SheaMoisture family—they’re like the Jacksons when it comes to having multiple members of their family. Every time I think I’ve seen all the SheaMoisture products there is to see, here comes more…lol. I still need to try out the SheaMoisture makeup line firsthand after I got a chance to eyeball it last NYFW at Korto Momolu’s fall show. But these body products though…

Shea Moisture Superfruit ComplexI mean, seriously. If you don’t own at least one, you might be messing up in life. High on top of my faves are the body scrubs then come the body washes, lotions, and now the dry oil mist. The brand sent over products from their new Superfruit Complex line and I’ve been ooing and ahhing in the shower for the last few weeks when one time I remembered they’d also sent over their new Agran Oil & Raw Shea Dry Oil Mist so I hopped out of the bathroom (meanwhile getting my carpet wet smh) to go get it and hopped back in the bathroom and spritzed it on my still wet-skin and rubbed it in. OMG it smells amazing—like a yellow cake with delicious sugary icing and then it gives the skin such a beautiful sheen—imagine how great it’ll make your legs look—all glowing and nice and stuff…lol.

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