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You Know Your Man Loves Your Natural Hair When…

Man Loves Natural Hair Despite the natural hair movement and alllll the lovely butterflies returning to their natural hair, there are still some men out there who quite frankly don’t “dig natural hair”. These men would still prefer to see you with gone with the wind straight hair or a long and luscious weave he can adore (but probably not play in). BUT THEN…there are the fine brothas who have gotten with the program and have grown to love our natural tresses and the many styles in which we rock them. But you can’t help but to sometimes wonder…does he really LOVE your natural or does he simply accept it? Well, here are three ways to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that your man LOVES your natural.

1. He notices other naturals and points them out when y’all are together

My man does exactly this. I have a tendency to approach just about any natural I see and tell her how much I love her hair. Well, my man notices and takes it to a humorous level. He makes fun of and imitates me by singing (in the octave in which he believes I say it), “I love your hairrrrr”. I can’t help but laugh at him, but deep down inside I’m proud to know that he has enough interest in my hair and pays enough attention to it and that of other naturals. He even goes to the extent of telling other natural women about my blogging duties on SistersWithBeauty and sometimes nudges and reminds me to give a butterfly my SWB card. If your man points out other fly naturals to you and encourages you to converse with them, he indeed loves your natural.

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