Hype Chat: This Beauty Boss Is Redefining Beauty With Vegan Lippies

Courtesy of Canvas Colors

HH: What do you want beauty mavens to take away from Canvas Colors?
ASHLEY: It is my hope that with Canvas Colors you’ll not only find lipstick colors that are gorgeous on you, but you’ll confidently wear the colors knowing that you’re not causing any harm to your body nor to the environment.

HH: What does beauty mean to you?  
ASHLEY: Beauty to me is in the eye of the beholder. When I think of beauty, I think of abstract art, there are so many ways to create something beautiful. Makeup, beauty, and fashion are all forms of art. When I think of a canvas, I think of the fabric that artists use to paint on to create beautiful masterpieces. Canvas Colors represents those who don’t ascribe to society’s views of beauty. They look in the mirror and see beauty. We are all canvases who have the right to create ourselves into masterpieces in which we choose. 

HH: What are some beauty tips you would share with makeup mavens? ASHLEY: Two beauty tips I would share are when in doubt always keep your look simple, and whatever you do–whether it is wearing a new color or style–just own it!!

HH: What are your top sellers?  
ASHLEY: My top three selling products right now are the colors Bubbly, Ice Wine, and Red Carpet.

Photo Credit: Chris Charles Photography

HH: We’ve seen that you have various celebrity fans including Lil’ Mo. Are there any plans to work with other celebs in the future? 
ASHLEY: I was so honored to have Lil Mo wearing Bubbly by Canvas Colors. Yes, my plan is to work with more celebrities in the future–stay tuned!

HH: How do you plan on expanding your brand within the next three to five years?
ASHLEY: I plan on expanding my brand by continuing to create new colors and introducing new products such as lip pencils and eyeshadows into the Canvas Colors brand. It is my hope that Canvas Colors will find itself on the shelves of beauty retailers such as Ulta Beauty and Target, providing resources and creating jobs within local communities. 

HH: What advice would you give to aspiring beauty entrepreneurs? 
ASHLEY: Advice I would like to share with aspiring beauty entrepreneurs is to continue to learn the beauty business, believe in yourself, and never give up on your dreams.

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