Hype Chat: This Beauty Boss Is Redefining Beauty With Vegan Lippies

Ashley Lee X Canvas Colors
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The beauty and wellness industries have increasingly intertwined — and Canvas Colors founder Ashley Lee is looking to become a driving force in the market. Her all-natural luxury lip brand offers 100% vegan and cruelty-free lipsticks and lip glosses made from shea butter.

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After being diagnosed with endometriosis, Ashley started taking inventory of what she put into her body. While going through this life-changing healing process, she realized that the products she was putting into her body were the cause of many internal issues. From that day, her beauty brand was born.

Ashley says Canvas Colors is all about enhancing the beauty that’s already there while promoting inner beauty. All of the lippies are highly pigmented and come in shades ranging from chic nudes and bubblegum pinks to fiery reds.

We chatted it up with Ashley to discuss all things Canvas Colors, beauty tips, advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and much more.

— Tatayana Yomary

Hype Hair: Congratulations on your beauty brand Canvas Colors! Tell us how long have you been developing the brand? 
ASHLEY LEE: Thank you so much! With hard work, research, and proper planning, it took me three years to move Canvas Colors from an idea on my vision board to a finished product. I financed everything on my own — from the research, samples, packaging, and finally a finished product. 

HH: With so many eco-friendly brands on the market, how do you plan on distinguishing Canvas Beauty from the others? 
ASHLEY: By staying true to my core values–embracing all, encouraging, and inspiring all to be their authentic selves. It is the mission of Canvas Colors to help each consumer understand that their own natural beauty is enough, and Canvas Colors enhances the beauty that already exists within them from the inside out.

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