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How to Eliminate Knots

Eliminate Knots For me, becoming natural has elevated the DIY in me. I’ve experimented with mixing essential oils, fixed oils, using raw ingredients, you name it! I have also played hair stylist and committed the crime of trimming my own ends.

The sad part is…I thought I was doing a good job! I have been natural for seven years and until this April, I had never had a professional trim. I always “dusted” my hair after a wash. I didn’t have a set time period to do so. More like, whenever I felt like it. Or whenever I saw that my ends were looking scragally.

Enter my first professional wash and trim! I knew that my hair needed a trim, just how much, was the mystery. I warned my stylist that my hair tangled badly and that I often had knots. She wasn’t moved in fear not one bit.

Thats when I became afraid! lol. 

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