11 Best-Kept Beauty Secrets

best-kept-secrets-hypehairAs a woman, being open-minded and innovative are some of the best qualities to have. Trying something new or thinking just a little out of the box can take your look from good to great. Just take a look at some of beauty’s best-kept secrets born from trial, error and pure beauty desperation.

Now, this first one may sound bit bizarre but hear me out. Have you ever painted your nails only to find your toes need to be done as well. Oh no! How will you take off your chipped toenail polish without ruining your perfectly painted nails? If you have a tampon lying around, you have the answer! Push the tampon out a little, coat the tip of that tampon with nail polish remover and run that over your toes. You will remove the polish without getting cotton stuck to your fingernails. Now that’s one expensive cotton ball, so if I were you I would only do this in the case of an emergency.

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