5 Tips For Slaying Strip Eyelashes At Home

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False eyelashes have become as ubiquitous to everyday beauty routines as frontals. It seems like everyone is rocking them. But, the question is, are we rocking them properly? That question is especially true when it comes to strip eyelashes. While there are various types of lashes, including individuals and clusters, strip lashes tend to be ones our readers have the most questions — and issues with wearing.

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We caught up with Erica Drayton aka Miss EBJ The Lash Diva earlier this summer at Bronner Bros. who was teaching a class on how to “Lash Like A Pro.” The licensed cosmetologist and owner of EBJ Luxury Lash & Brow also pampered clients at her booth with the application process. Seriously — we got to lay on a fuzzy bed while she applied them.

As she gave me a fresh set of lashes, I asked her to break down what goes into the perfect application.

Get The Right Eyelash

This feels like a “first-of-all” moment because all lashes are not created the same. And you may not want to look like a doll baby or have down-to-there lashes when hitting up your 9-to-5.

“Each lash says something different — so you need to look at the length and style of the lash and determine what you want yours to say,” says Erica.

If you’re going for a more natural or daytime look, opt for the strips with the clear band. For drama, look for the strips with the thick black bands.

For length, deep-set eyes may want longer lashes for more visibility and those with rounder eyes should look for winged looks.

EBJ Luxury Lash & Brow
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Use An Eyelash Glue

You’re applying lashes next to your eyes, so you want to make sure you’re using the proper glue. That means weave glues are a definite no, no. “You need to use an actual lash glue,” advises Erica. This will limit the amount of reaction and sensitivity to skin.

Don’t Apply Directly To Your Lash

Once you’ve got your lash adhesive on your strip, let it set until it’s tacky and apply directly above your own lash line. “Strip lashes are really supposed to be on your skin and not your lashes,” says Erica.

Once applied, you want to tweeze as close as possible to your lashes and blend with mascara. This is will help prevent lash and make removal easier.

Erica Drayton x EBJ Luxury Lash & Brow
Miss EBJ at work on a client // Photo Credit: EBJ Luxury Lash & Brow

Use A Remover

Speaking of remover, “make sure you use the proper glue to remove your lashes,” Erica says. Lashes typically last for the day, but “you can’t just get in the shower and pull them off.”

Look for an oil-based remover, ideally with conditioning ingredients like vitamin E to soothe and condition the eye area.

Bonus Tip: See A Pro

Still not sure what you’re doing (like me)? See a professional. Don’t be embarrassed — many pros have difficulty putting on their own lashes. And, it’s quick affordable way to get pampered. Or, take a class like Erica’s where she breaks down her no-band technique and how to get a 48-hour hold on strips.

Still got questions, head on over to Erica’s Instagram and ask her a question!

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