‘Euphoria’ Twins Tyler & Tristan Timmons On Their Hair Regimen & Being Set-Ready

Tyler X Tristan Timmons
Photo Credit: Russell Baer

The first season of HBO’s Euphoria has left fans begging for more. The project is a thrilling dive into high school angst, drugs and chaos. The often-controversial series features a talented cast of mostly adults playing the role of teenagers. Only a few of the actors are legitimately underage, two of whom are Tyler and Tristan Timmons, who play the mischevious McKay twins, Roy and Troy. Many first laid eyes on the 16-year-old duo in Black Panther, but true fans have been following the brothers on their popular YouTube channel, where they’re seen dancing and pranking each other. 

Hype Hair caught up with the twins to discuss their foray into acting, their work on Euphoria and the secret behind their natural curls. 

— Jessica De Vault Hale

HYPE HAIR: How did you both get started in the entertainment industry? 
TRISTAN: Before we were acting, we were dancing on Instagram. We used to perform at different venues and do different events. And so our [now] agents at BYSB talent had seen us at one of these events, and they asked us if we wanted to act, basically. And here we are today. 

HH: Wow, that seems like a pretty quick and easy leap for you guys. How has it felt to be catapulted into the business like this? 
TYLER: We didn’t realize how big what we’re doing actually was. We didn’t really think about it too much, but after doing Euphoria and then the red carpet and everything we realized, like, “whoa, we’re doing something that a lot of people haven’t done yet.” So it’s been really amazing. 

HH: Speaking of doing big things, you both were featured in HBO’s Euphoria. That’s a really gritty show, and it’s been controversial. Were there any challenges for you guys to tap into playing the twin characters, Troy and Roy? 
TYLER: I only had one little issue, and that was when I knew I had to talk to Zendaya, like I did in episode six. I was just a little nervous. I was like, “Wow, I’ve been watching her for a long time, and I’ve got to really disrespect her like this.” But other than that, it was cool. 

HH: To work with big stars like Zendaya, and to even work with Drake (executive producer), have you had a lot of star-struck moments since joined the cast? 
TYLER: I mean, we only had a limited star-struck moment when we first arrived and saw everybody because it was like, “Oh my God, we used to watch a lot of y’all. Now y’all, we working with y’all.” It was 30 seconds of just being star-struck. We’ve seen Drake on the red carpet, and it was our first time seeing him. So it was like 10 seconds of being star-struck, and then after that, it was very cool. We played it real cool. 

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