5 Haircuts That Work For Curly Girls

PageboyCutting curly hair is a tricky business. If the cut is too heavy on top, you lose density at the ends. If there’s too much weight at the bottom, you look like you have the great pyramids of Egypt on your head. And, if it’s all one length or layered wrong, you’re stuck with a lifeless, shapeless mess.

You’ve pressed, chemically straightened, and probably even had many conversations/arguments with your curly hair to please. Just. Cooperate. And when it doesn’t, you curse it and think all those straight-haired girls truly don’t know how easy they have it.

Ladies, put down the flat iron.

Although most curly-haired girls live in fear of their hair exploding into a frizzy mess, have no fear! There are haircuts that will work for (and not against) your locs.

Here are best haircuts for your curly tendrils!

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