Hype Chat: Tasha Smith Talks Beauty Secrets And Favorite Primetime Shows

What’s already going on this season of For Better Or Worse?

Tasha Smith: Drama, drama and more drama and some health scares for Angela, but that’s all I can tell you though. Everyone is going to have to tune in!

How would you describe your character’s style?

Tasha Smith: Angela is very confident and very fashionable. She’s a girl that has to always have a heel and I love that about her. I live vicariously through her because I’m not that girl. I don’t find myself always having to have a heel.


I’m not that girl either. Of your cast mates, whose style do you envy most?

Tasha Smith: Well, Keisha’s character looks like a hooker half the time so not her. Jennifer’s boobies are much larger than mine so not her [laughs]. Let me stop. Leslie has a great fashion but I like my curves, so honestly I kind’ve love my own.

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