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Hot Product: Pompeian Robust Olive Oil

Pompeian Robust Olive OilI used to swear by the light, mostly fragrance free Spanish Olive Oil available at Trader Joe’s for $5.99.

But now…I am in LOVE!

Pompeian Brand Robust Extra Virgin Olive Oil- Available EVERYWHERE, price varies based on size (always under $7), and manufactured on my hometurf- Baltimore, MD!!!

This stuff ladies is awesome. It’s an Olive Oil that is SO THICK- I wouldn’t even use it for food- look at the way it coats the edge of the spoon- craaaazy thick! HaHahaha!

Seriously, this Olive Oil is cold pressed which means its ultra pure and unadulterated, and it feels like it was made to be a hair product (just like a natural girl, right?) hahaha! It’s thick, and rich, it’s texture is just shy of castor oil- and coats my strands beautifully! AND it’s non allergic and gluten free (if you’re worried about that sorta thing).

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