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Spring Cleaning Your Hair Products With Janae Raquel

Mixed Chicks Shampoo

In order of obsession, I will introduce you to my number one cleanser at the moment. The trophy goes to … MIXED CHICKS Gentle Clarifying Shampoo! I tried this for the first time when I received it and instantly fell in love with the scent and its performance. It reminded me of a Barbie / Tinkerbell scent (forever a kid).

When I opened the bottle and squeezed some into my hand, the texture was not too thin or too thick, it was easy to evenly disperse throughout my entire head, lathered without stripping and wasn’t necessary to wash twice. That is very important in the product junkie industry. You have to choose your products wisely whether they’re free or purchased. In this case, it was free, but you never want to have to continuously use a product to get ONE look. Unless you’ve been wrestling with pigs, you shouldn’t need second and third washes. (Fro sizes may vary) Lastly, I loved the shape of the bottle. I judge a product by its cover with no hesitation. You don’t?

Purchase the 10 oz. Mixed Chicks “Gentle Clarifying Shampoo” here!

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