Ask Dr. Maclin: Coloring Options for Graying Hair?

Gray Hair (Photo Credit: Getty Images)Q. I would like to find more hair coloring options that will not irritate my scalp. Within 24 hours after coloring my hair, my scalp begins to itch and get scabs. It remains irritated for months so I have stopped coloring. Are there alternatives for my graying hair?

Dr. Maclin: This sounds like classic allergic contact dermatitis, from some of the chemical ingredients in hair dyes. I am glad that you have completely stopped with the hair dyes so that your scalp does not get worse, which could lead to hair loss.

In some cases, with consistent use of chemical hair dyes, the allergic reaction can involve not only your scalp but lead to a rash and swelling of your face and body. If your scalp still has any itchy areas, pick up hydrocortisone ointment from a drugstore to use 3-4 times a day.

I know that you still want to cover your gray hair, but use natural coloring options such as vegetable hennas. Actually, gray hair is actually not ‘gray’ but hair that grew out without color due to premature aging of your hair follicles.

From tons of client testimonials, we have found that once your hair follicles get healthier with the use of hair supplements such as BellaNutri, your hair may start making its normal color again from the inside. Please make sure that you use it consistently for at least six months, which is the time it takes to get all of your hair roots back on track. Your hair will also get longer, stronger and thicker.

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Dr. Melanye Maclin-Carroll, M.D.

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