Hype Chat: Sevyn Streeter Shares 7 Beauty Tips For Dealing With Men

SevynSevyn Streeter is a songbird crafting lines meant to resonate with any woman and her situation. Whether it’s a high in your relationship or a somber low, Sevyn’s vocals carry the airiness of new love and pain of love lost on her EP Call Me Crazy But… 

Each song on the seven-track emotional roller coaster contains its own attitude, evoking a particular beauty look.

If you’re dealing with a particular B.A.N.S, maybe tossing on your strappy pumps, that little black dress and a red lip will remind him exactly what he’s losing. But if you find yourself lovestruck and comfortable with your beau, more time might be spent on taking care of your skin rather than applying loads of makeup.

Sevyn gave us her 7 beauty tips and revealed why bronzer and accentuating your eyes can make all the difference.

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