Hype Chat: Tracey Edmonds Dishes on How She Maintains Ageless Beauty and ‘Deion’s Family Playbook’

Tracey EdmundsTracey Edmonds is more than just an immense smile and ageless beauty; she’s an educated businesswoman with an empire of her own.

She’s amassed admiration from industry vets thanks to her ability to create classic movies like Soul Food and developing great actresses. “I would probably be most proud to say that I helped discover and launch Rosario Dawson,” she says. “I’m really proud of her career and what she’s done as an actress.”

But despite her entertainment accolades and tangible successes, she’s only concerned with being a great mother.

As she continues to create dynamic pieces of work, she’s now venturing back into reality TV with Deion’s Family Playbook. 

We caught up with the supermom to find out the lesson’s she’s learned in her career, why she’s deciding to step in front of the cameras and how she manages to look perfectly sun-kissed at all times.

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