7 Protective Natural Hairstyles For The Spring

UPTOWN_woman_braidsSpring is right around the corner — Thursday, March 20 to be exact — and I know you’ve been aching to get out the house. There are so many festivals, concerts, and other events that bring you outdoors. While you’re out there catching the sun and having fun, don’t forget to protect your hair and skin from the elements.

Taking care of your skin is pretty simple: Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize inside and outside. Drink lots of water to keep your insides, as well as your skin, hydrated and fresh. Taking care of your hair is pretty much the same. Drinking water contributes to healthier hair, while making sure that you moisturize your hair keeps it from becoming brittle, dry, and damaged.

Another way to ensure the health of your hair is how you wear it. Protective styles are a great way to do this. African Naturalistas describes protective styling as any style that protects your hair from chemical, physical, or environmental disturbances.

  • Physical disturbances: daily styling, combing, twists, stretched hairstyles, etc
  • Chemical disturbances: heat, color treatments, etc
  • Environmental disturbances: the effect of the elements (sun, wind, rain, frost, etc) on the hair

Protective styles also help your hair grow while keeping your mane in style, keeping moisture in, and minimizing primping time as you prepare yourself for the day.

Click through for a few of my favorite protective styles for natural hair. Try them this spring to keep your hair in its best shape, while showing off the latest hair trends.

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