Hype Chat: Olympian Queen Harrison Reveals Secrets to Flawless Skin and Wild Curls

Queen Harrison | Exposay.comHype Hair: What are your favorite hair products?
Queen Harrison: I really like the Kinky Curly line right now. It’s really moisturizing. And Organic Root Stimulator, even though it’s more for relaxed hair, it works really well for mine. I also use a tangle tamer brush.

HH: What else is in your beauty regimen?
QH: I’m a real big nail polish person. I like all things beautiful.

HH: Your skin is flawless. What’s your secret?
QH: I drink a lot of water being an athlete, seriously! And, I think sweating helps get rid a lot of your toxins. So, exfoliate and just regular mild soap, really. I know people hate when you say that easy regimen, but it really is like that.

HH: How do you maintain your hair while working out?
QH: I do a lot of slick back hairstyles. And I enjoy my hair being wild and carefree, so it actually works for me when it sweats out.

HH: Who is your ultimate Hairspiration?
QH: I really loved Flo-Jo when she would come with this long, luxurious hair – some hers, some not – but it doesn’t matter because it always looked good! I always look to her and say you can be athletic and fit and also look beautiful while doing it. So she’s one of my biggest hair inspirations.

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