Hype Chat: Olympian Queen Harrison Reveals Secrets to Flawless Skin and Wild Curls

Queen Harrison | Moscow World Champs 2013Hype Hair: Your hair is natural, right? Has it always been natural?
I was natural for the first 18 years of my life; my mother never relaxed my hair. And then, in college, I decided to see what it was about. After two years, I was back to being natural.

So relaxed wasn’t for you! Do you have any hair horror stories?
One time, I cut my hair really short and dyed it orange. It was blondish-orange, but it was crazy! So that was probably my one ‘don’t do that again’ moment.

If you could swap hair with one celeb right now, who would it be?
QH: I’m really digging Elle Varner’s hair right now.

HH: What’s your go-to hair style?
QH: Definitely a braid out. Something big. I like big, I like fluffy hair. You can always catch me with a lion’s mane on my head.

HH: Favorite Hair Moment?
QH: Probably this last World Championships out in Moscow. I did this hairstyle where I braided two braids in my hair. It was kind of like a crown, so it’s pretty fitting with the name Queen.

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