Hype Chat: Ngozi Opara’s Heat Free Hair Movement and 5 Biggest No-No’s For Naturals

Heat-Free movement

Going natural is (at times) a daunting task but well worth the journey. With the rise in naturalist bloggers, YouTube vloggers, and Instagrammers; the former lonely experience has evolved into a community of women taking the pledge with you. However, with all good things comes bad.

Because of a lack of hair education, many women are skipping steps of the transitioning process or expecting unrealistic results. Or worst, adding heat to portions of their hair in order to blend in with the protective weave—something we’re all guilty of doing. “It’s not finding the right solution for them,” founder of the Heat-Free Movement Ngozi Opara says, “but trying things based on what other people have done.”

That’s where Ngozi, also the owner of N-ZO Hair Studios, comes in.

Opara created a line of weave to cater to women that are on the natural journey “but are limited to hair textures that don’t blend with their real hair.” While educating her clients on their own hair textures, she’s making their experience to healthier, fuller natural hair stylish and enjoyable without the dependency on heat.

We chatted with Ngozi about her line, proper hair care and the 5 no-nos many new naturalistas are making. – (@realwizsharifa)

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