Hype Chat: Bridget Kelly Reveals Beauty Must-Haves and Why She’d Swap Hair With Jennifer Lopez

Bridget-Kelly-Interview-Hypehair4Hype Hair: Do you have any hair horror stories?

Bridget Kelly: When I was a kid, I got gum in my hair and I didn’t know I had gum in my hair for maybe a week. I was washing my own hair, I was probably like 5 or 6 years old and I didn’t notice it. Then my mother was brushing my hair and she got the brush caught in this matted chunk. She was so pissed. She took me straight to this Dominican lady that lived right down the street and the lady was like, ‘Oh my God, we’re going to have to cut it.’

Oh my gosh! Traumatizing. 

And I just sat there and cried while she chopped all my hair off. I was like 5 years old with a little boy cut and I felt like I looked like a little South American boy. I was so pale and my hair was so dark and it wasn’t even curly anymore. It was just this weird kind’ve early 90’s short boy hair.

What is the craziest color you’ve dyed your hair?

Bridget Kelly: Blue. Jay Z and I were performing at SNL and the Yankees had just won the World Series, so we were like, ‘Let’s do something fun. Blue is the color for the Yankees, so let’s do blue.’ So we put blue in my bangs and we put blue on the top of my hair, but they were pieces, clip-ins. It wasn’t permanent. It looked cool but when I wasn’t on television, I looked like a Spice Girl. Then, I did blonde in my bangs that I loved for a really long time but it was so unhealthy. The bleach was just so bad. It just took a toll. A little piece of my bang would break off every time I did it. And I was only doing single process not even anything really drastic.

Wow. Switching gears a bit, do you do your own makeup?

Bridget Kelly: Yes, sometimes. If I’m not going to like a red carpet event I do my own makeup.

What’s your favorite makeup brand?

Bridget Kelly: Probably a tie between NARS and MAC, but I use MAC a lot more because I have a membership with them so I get discounts. I just go ham at the MAC store. MAC is my go-to.

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