Hype Chat: Bridget Kelly Reveals Beauty Must-Haves and Why She’d Swap Hair With Jennifer Lopez

Bridget-Kelly-Interview-Hypehair3Hype Hair: Natural hair is becoming a huge movement. What are your thoughts about it?

Bridget Kelly: It’s awesome that it’s being embraced. My stylist, Kim, is huge on DIY, so she makes her own wigs, goes above and beyond to get the best products and does everything natural. She has natural hair and when she twists it at night and then untwists it in the morning, it’s this incredible, healthy, conditioned bushel of life! I love it. I think it’s fabulous. But it doesn’t seem like it’s a spectacle, if it makes sense. It’s not just this culturally, black, ethnic style; it’s really just that it’s beautiful.

Have you considered going natural?

Bridget Kelly: You know what, I literally relaxed my hair for so long that it won’t even curl the same way. But since I cut it, it is slowly starting to curl again, slowly starting to get more volume so I stopped [relaxing] when I cut my hair in November. I stopped putting the Keratin Protein straightener, so now when I wash it it’s curly. It immediately switches.


You’ve been seen with short and long hair, with and without bangs – do you have a preference?

Bridget Kelly: I love both for the time period I had them. I realized I was a little more insecure than I thought I was [when I had bangs], so they became this crutch that I could hide behind. But since I’ve cut my hair, I just love short hair. I literally was Google imaging all these different short hairstyles, and every chick who cuts her hair kind’ve emerges with this newfound confidence, this new sense of self. So, I felt like I needed to reach that level, reach that place. I think now the place I am now, the person I’ve become it’s the perfect timing.

What are your hair maintenance rituals like now that you’ve cut it?

Bridget Kelly: I’m training for the women’s half marathon in DC, so I’m literally working out every day.

How do you keep your hair up?

Bridget Kelly: I literally have to condition and blow out my hair every day. I wear it curly a lot now. But it grows really fast. Like, scary fast. I mean, the shape of it changes in the matter of two weeks, so I’ve gotten in the habit of cutting my hair once every three weeks. Blow drying my hair takes half and hour as opposed to an hour and the flat iron doesn’t take that much longer, so it’s a lot less time consuming. But the overall maintenance is definitely more costly because I have to get it cut so much more often.

What products do you use in your hair?

Bridget Kelly: I love the Cantu conditioner. I absolutely obsessed swear by it. I use a lot of Miss Jessie’s products also. I use the Quick Curls and used to be a huge advocate for the Curly Pudding back in my curly days, but now I just use the Argan Oil Eco Styler, which I really like a lot. L’Oreal has a really great moisturizing oil and I use Moroccanoil as well.

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